heim und herd heim und herd heim und herd gumgraphy [4]

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<<  The bichromate causes the gum arabic to harden in proportion to the amount of light received. After exposure, the print is placed in water, where the part of the gum that remained soluble slowly dissolves and floats away. During the exposure interventions are possible in order to influence the picture. A positive of little contrasts is the result of the first process of exposure. It is only by repeating the copy process, by which the base material will be again coated with the light-sensitive emulsion, exposed and developed, that the picture will develop deepness. At this process the contrast as well as the color can be varied with each new layer. Using the gumgraphy one is conscious of the particularities and "mistakes" of this technique which, however, are integral part of the working method. Gumgraphy is based on the historical technique of gum prints (ca. 1895-1930).

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